Projects Ukraine


  • “Goodlife Park”





    Kiev region, Vyshgorodskij district “S/soviet” Lebedevka, in the territory of Water outlet “N10” (Piket 94+50) Goldlife Park Complex. The development of design documentation and construction of the facility: Quay for mooring boats with boathouse using Titan “Friedr Ischebeck GmbH” anchors and Larsen piling produced by HSP Hoesch Spundwandund Profil GmbH.


    customer Service Cooperative “Horticultural Society” Kiev Riviera “
    start of design work 1st quarter of 2015
    start date 1st quarter of 2016
    completion date 2nd quarter of 2016


    Quay for mooring boats is part of a private yacht club, beautiful location among the stunning scenery on the shore of the Kiev Sea Goodlife Park complex.